Can two dogs be good friends? That’s a big question when it comes to Oreo and Pocket! Mohak’s new dog film titled ‘Oreo Met Pocket’ Is a story of two dogs who are meeting each other for the first time , how will they react to each other? Will they be good friends or enemies? Oreo who is a beagle dog is a new dog addition to the film where as pocket is a mix Labrador, this film shows that dogs also have feelings they feel jealous and becomes emotional! This film is new part of pocket series, when asked Mohak about this project he said ,’I thought making Missing Pocket Film was difficult because that film took about 1 week to make it was such a challenging film to make I fell on my back while working on that project but Oreo Met Pocket I felt was more difficult that Missing Pocket because we had to manage two dogs together who are not trained nor they take any commands! We had to shoot according to there mood, but whatever we have got is like a million dollar shot for us (He laughed ) ‘, Film Oreo Met Pocket is releasing on 5th March on Mohak Meet’s YouTube channel.

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