Horror films is loved by everyone around the world , Keeping that in mind Actor Mohak Meet Is coming up with a new Horror Suspense Thriller Short Film ‘Missing Girl’ for the first time on his YouTube channel ! Missing Girl is a horror film that everyone will enjoy with their family it’s a Suspense thriller with full of scary moments! When asked Mohak if this film has a message like previous one he said (Mohak) ,’ Oh yes , what that message is that I’ll keep secret (he laughed) I’m super excited to present this film to our viewers who are likely to see our dog and comedy videos ! This will be a fun scary ride for them , I can’t reveal much about the story as it’s a Suspense horror film (He signed off) ,’ Missing Girl Is kept secret in the promos and photos of Mohak’s post we surly can’t wait to see the story unfolding On 5th of May on Mohak Meet’s YouTube Channel.

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